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You want something to be different. Therapy opens us to new possibilities by inviting us to pay attention to ourselves and our experiences in ways that are deeply thoughtful, intentional, and creative. If I had a magic wand, I would change the way we see each other and see ourselves. There would not be fear or judgement, but a deep curiosity and excitement each time we encountered a new person, situation or discovery in self. I would open hearts so we could live a joyous life, free of what is weighing us down. But, I don’t have a magic wand and neither does anyone else (that I know of). I do have the gift of listening and abilty to help others achieve Insight and become attuned to their path of healing. And you have the ability to enter into the journey, too!

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Often I get feedback that therapy with me is more like learning and growing in power each session, rather than feeling drained and exhausted. My aim is to supply you with tangible tools, knowledge, and a passion for your life. Sound like something you are interested in? I invite you to read more on the about page.